In 1996, we started the mailing list AIDS-INA (Indonesian AIDS mailinglist).
The first 10 years were just the beginning.

Kita perlu Revolusi Pencegahan HIV Currently, we are realized that Indonesia is facing very diverse HIV epidemics across the country. Information and communication technology has a great potential in accelerating the efforts for controlling HIV/AIDS epidemic. So, AIDS-INA will employ the latest internet technologies for facilitating the dissemination and exchange of knowledge and experience in HIV/AIDS program in Indonesia.

One of our important dream is also provide a better way in strengthening strategic information to guide a more effective HIV/AIDS response in Indonesia.

The strategic information comprises the following components: (1) second generation HIV surveillance, which includes surveillance of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and behavioural surveillance; (2) HIV/AIDS estimation and projection; (3) monitoring of essential interventions linked with health sector responses (antiretroviral therapy, counselling and testing, preventing mother-to child-transmission, preventions in most-at-risk populations, etc); (4) HIV drug resistance surveillance and monitoring; and (5) operational research.

Until now, it is very limited the data have been used for understanding the local epidemic, for planning the response and also its quality still remain crucial issues. We believe, by strengthening the strategic information in Indonesia will also promoting the right response for controlling the diverse HIV epidemic in Indonesia.

Started August 2006, we build a better portal for Indonesian AIDS Community (Komunitas AIDS Indonesia), since we believe nothing is impossible, nothing is hard, as long as it comes from the heart. The internet is our engine, we are the driver, our passion is the fuel that will keep us going long after the sunset…”
God bless us!

Website http://www.aidsinafoundation.org